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Tour, Games and Criteriums

Hello everybody!

Fortunately Twitter is there to keep in touch with you because the last weeks I really had no time to write something in my diary and share personal things with you.

In the Tour and then in the Olympic Games, it looks like you have some free hours but between one thing and the other one, time goes really fast. It is always the case during such important events.

Yesterday in London the Spanish team achieved a great job. We totally broke the race so that the finish was an unexpected one. But after hard working we had no strength left to get a medal.

This morning I woke up very early to catch a flight to Brussels. They invited me to take part in two criteriums. The first one took place this evening in Belgium, more precisely in Ninove and the second one will be tomorrow in the Netherlands, in Roosendaal.

It is each time a pleasure to come and meet my fans in these countries where cycling is really the King!

Rest day

Hello everybody,

The Tour has a very particular rhythm and to tell you the truth till today I didn’t even find two minutes to sit down in front of the computer and write something in my diary. I had really tough days because of the crashes.

The rest day is of course very welcome even if we do nothing particular: just a little longer in bed in the morning, one hour on the bike, to take part in my team press conference, having lunch, a short ‘siesta’, massage, call my family, have dinner and nothing else.

Tomorrow the second part of the Tour will start and let’s hope things will go better. I hope it is possible to win a stage.

This morning I was told I am the rider of the Tour who most support letters received since the beginning of the race. Thank you everybody for sending me those letters and thank you also for all the support messages you send me every day on Twitter.

I hope I can make you happy before we reach Paris.

Ready for the Tour!

Hello everybody,

Like always I had plenty of things to do before going away for such a long time. Now, just before I shut my suitcase, I find a few minutes to write you something and thank you for all the messages you are sending to wish me good luck in the Tour.

After the Tour of Switzerland, I spent some quiet days training here in Murcia.  I prepared myself well for that big event; my feelings are good ones and now let’s hope that health and luck will be there with me. I come back in the Tour after being absent the last three years and I am of course very motivated to do well.  We are going with a great team and I sure we will be in front. 

Tomorrow I will travel to Belgium and we will try to keep you inform about what is happening in the Tour in my website.



Final run before the Tour

Good morning!

This morning I woke up early because a rather long journey expects me today before reaching Switzerland.  I will fly from Alicante to Barcelona and finally Milan. A team coach will later bring us to Switzerland. End of the trip!

Tomorrow indeed I will start in the Tour of Switzerland. Many riders who will try to do well in the Tour de France will take part in the Swiss event to prepare the French race.

I believe the Swiss race is a good preparation. In the past I used to take part in the Dauphiné, but this year we decided to change our plans and do something different.

Tomorrow a 7.3 km prologue will open the race. 

During the week you will be able to follow my results in my website. I don’t know if Internet connection will be available in our hotels so that I can write in my diary. Of course if there is an opportunity to do so, I will try and write something. 

Today team-mate José Joaquín Rojas is celebrating his birthday. Happy birthday to you mate! Anyway I will congratulate him personally as we will be travelling together!


One more week in Sierra Nevada

Good night!

The second week in the CARD of Sierra Nevada passed by very fast. 

Now we completely adapted to altitude and because we are many riders of the team here it is absolutely not boring. 

We train every morning and last Sunday we even climbed the pico Veleta. The weather was really nice, nothing compared with last week.

Afternoon means massage, ice baths, sauna and something really funny: we organized ping pong championships! It’s really nice. I like that!

Our families came during the week-end and we went to Granada for a walk. After that we had dinner in the old part of the city. It is beautiful there.

Next Saturday it will already be time to go back to Murcia.

You‘ll hear from me very soon.



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